Diving center

With over 50 dive sites and a marvelous coral reef with 10 entry points, Ariston is the perfect paradise for underwater explorations both for beginners and experienced divers. Even the wreck "Kudhimaa" can be reached by boat in just 30 minutes and it's one of the diving sites most often visited. South of the island there's a protected marine area, Khudarah Thila, a wonderful venue for divers and obviously, the national park on the outer reef. Daily excursions are available to spot the whale sharks in this area. These last an entire day and are available all year round.

Diving sites are between 10 minutes to 1 hour from the island These diving sites can be reached by handy sub boats (DHONI). The variety and unique species of the Maldives' underwater life, especially around Dhangethi, offers many important attractions to divers.