About The Island

from these appearances. They also attain a decent amount of orders from the nearby resorts for their logistical assistance. 

Situated amidst the mass of extravagant resorts greeting thousands of tourists every year, Dhangethi is exposed to a notable amount of excursion activities, though famed for its affinity to island hopping. The island’s benign locals and their witty myths engraved in ancient telltales will help make your ephemeral holiday a treasured reminiscence. 

The main attraction allied with Dhangethi is the glorious dive sites bordering the island. This miniscule part of the archipelago is in the heart of South Ari Atoll, home to enigmatic Mantas and prodigious whale sharks; the most sought after sea creature among divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. All in all, this island with the rich waters and a much richer heritage is a delight to the visiting tourists and is a surefire drive towards one of the best local experiences of your trip!